Local Beef from Montana Wagyu Cattle Company

Each one of our menu items is a well thought-out combination of flavors, texture & colors, but we also place a high priority on where our ingredients are sourced. By supporting local and regional ingredients, we believe that it doesn’t only provide the highest quality & taste, but also strengthens our local community from the roots. 

We would like share some information about one of our MT partners, Montana Wagyu Cattle Company. Many guests are excited about trying authentic Montana cuisine, which we are proud to say encompasses many items, however, we are best known for our beef(Statistics say there are 3 cows per 1 Montanan citizen!).

At Montana Wagyu Cattle Co, it is more than just ranching for them. It is a passion. All cows are raised, finished & processed in Montana. We believe it’s some of the best steak you will ever try. They produce beef that is graded among the top 3% of all beef in the USA.
Wagyu is the American style of the famous Japanese Kobe beef. Montana Wagyu Cattle Co. started their breeding program with Kobe and their own Angus cattle in 1976. They have excelled at creating a flavor profile that suits the American palate of rich buttery taste of Wagyu and the deep robust taste and texture of Angus. This makes for an exquisite type of meat, and a one-of-a kind culinary experience with each dish. All cuts go through a process of dry aging for 28-30 days, creating an extremenly tender piece of meat with a deep flavor profile.

It is such an honor to showcase such a delicious product on our menu. A big thank you to Montana Wagyu Cattle Co. for sharing your passions with our passion of great food!